CSR Consultation

Our process of delivering a comprehensive CSR / ESG strategy begins with an assessment of every aspect of your organization’s socially responsible activities.

Ethical Sustainable Solutions

CSR-A solutions successfully address the challenges by working closely with management to create efficient business solutions that drive long-term sustainability and profitability. Prioritizing ethical and societal demands, such as environmental responsibility, workplace equity, inclusion, and community health, is essential for achieving modern-day success.

Comprehensive CSR/ESG Strategy Development

This service entails a thorough assessment of your existing CSR activities, identification of improvement areas through gap analysis, and alignment of actions with relevant ESG considerations and SDG's. It's designed to aid you in developing and enhancing your CSR strategies holistically.

CSR Auditing and Benchmarking

We offer detailed CSR auditing and benchmarking to help you measure your non-financial performance and compare it against industry standards. This service also includes advising you on legal compliance and preparing you for potential future regulations related to CSR reporting.

Reporting and Sustainability Measurement

This service assists you in effectively reporting non-financial aspects and measuring sustainability performance through various metrics. It emphasizes continuous improvement and adaptation of CSR/ESG strategies to meet the evolving business and regulatory landscapes.

Consultation Packages

We work with management to construct effective and streamlined business solutions that build long term sustainability and profit.

Pre-Accreditation Consultation Package

We provide a results driven, consultation program to define and implement your CSR strategy by employing a structured approach that delivers required information.

Post Accreditation Consultation Package

Your consultant provides a summary feedback from our independent assessors. This feedback supplements an expert analysis of your accreditation application. For clients that have used our pre-consultation package, this service is provided at a reduced rate.


What does the Pre-accreditation consultation package entail?

Kick Start Meeting

Our expert will meet with you either in person at your location or through a video call to introduce our services.

Initial Assessment

We'll figure out where you are in your journey towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and where you aim to reach.

Engaging Your Team

Our expert will connect with various departments and different staff members to fully understand all your activities. Common departments include HR, Procurement, Marketing, Operations, and the Executive Team.

Crafting Your CSR Accreditation Application

With help from your team, our experts will gather all the necessary documents and review the information prior to submission.

Provide Feedback and Evaluation

We'll provide suggestions for improvements for discussion in your executive team meetings.

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